How does Automist compare?

Comparison to other domestic and residential fire protection options



The home is the place where we should all feel safest. While smoke alarms and fire extinguishers provide a crucial warning against fire, they require human intervention to prevent or stop the spread of a dangerous fire. In contrast, Automist offers active protection and is triggered automatically. It uses industrially validated watermist, and was extensively tested and proven to be effective by BRE Global in Watford.



No False Alarms:

Automist is triggered by a reliable heat alarm. Unlike smoke alarms (optical and ionisation), a heat alarm won’t go off accidentally even when cooking as it requires an ambient temperature 35˚C above typical room temperatures to be triggered.

Lack of disruption:

Automist is easy to retrofit and can be installed in approximately 4-8 hours. Preparing the site may require an electrician with a Part P electrical qualification as Automist must not share a mains circuit or RCD with appliances and sockets in the same room.
No Human Intervention – Automist triggers automatically. When faced with an uncontrolled fire it is best practice to "get out, stay out and dial 999", as most individuals are not trained to deal with fires and could potentially face severe injury or death if their attempts to extinguish fires are unsuccessful.

Low Maintenance:

The only maintenance is annual commissioning. During commissioning, the pump runs for approximately 20 seconds, whilst the nozzles are covered and the output pressure is monitored.

Prevent damage to your property:

Automist can be used to protect fire hazards identified by a fire risk assessment. When a fire starts in a house it can spread quickly. Independent testing showed that Automist can quickly suppress and control fires, and in doing so it reduces the dangerous levels of toxic gas and temperatures. It utilises only 5% of the water usage of a traditional sprinkler system and therefore minimises consequential water damage and runoff.

Best value :

Automist offers effective active fire suppression, without many of the shortcomings of traditional sprinkler systems, such as water supply and/or storage.


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