Benefits of Automist

Home owners often carry out refurbishments to create better living spaces but then struggle to meet fire safety requirements within the Building Regulations. The Regulations are very prescriptive and mandate either unattractive compartmentation or fire sprinkler systems. With the advent of Automist these difficulties can be overcome.

Some of the advantages:

• No need to upgrade your water supply or any need for storage tanks or booster pumps

• Typically uses 90% less water compared to a sprinkler system thus minimising water damage

• No need to lift floor boards or remove ceilings

• It is not activated by burning the toast!


The Automist emitter can be installed in a number of configurations:

• Under a standard monobloc tap - eg. kitchen sink installation

• On a worktop - eg. sluice room installation

• Wall mounted - eg. under a stairwell installation


As an accredited supplier and installer we would be more than happy to discuss which installation would suit your needs and show you the different options.



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