Automist Smartscan

Automist® Smartscan

Elegant fire protection for the home


The Automist® Smartscan is the latest technology when it comes to effective fire safety products. This system reinvents the water mist technology for a residential setting. Water mist is well known as an alternative fire suppression system but is not widely applied. Now, however the Automist Smartscan® has now taken this technology to a new level.

What are the benefits?


• The Automist® Smartscan suppresses fires more efficiently by targeting the origin of the fire directly.
• Less damage caused, unlike the more conventional sprinklers, Automist® Smartscan can be stopped once the fire is extinguished. This helps to minimise and further or potential water damage from occurring.
• Automist® Smartscan is in compliance with the fire performance standards outlined in BS 9252 and BS 8458.
• The Automist® Smartscan is triggered through heat detectors and therefore is not prone to false alarms unlike a conventional smoke alarm.
• On average the installation for Automist® Smartscan is just a few hours with minimal disruption caused.
• The annual maintenance is quick and simple, taking just a few minutes.


If you would like further information on the Automist® Smartscan then please get in touch with us today and we will be happy to discuss the products available to you along with answering any questions that you may have.



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