Plumis Automist fire sprinklers

Automist® Fixed Wall Head

The best value sprinkler alternative for residential open plan layouts

The Automist® Fixed Wall Head is an LABC Registered Solution which is suitable for loft conversions. This system is an innovative, fire protection solution which has been designed for open plan layouts and complies with all current regulations.

A Typical Installation:

Open-plan 3 storey house:

A standard Automist® installation is described in an LABC Registered Detail (EW171) for use in open plan layouts in loft converted houses in England and Wales. The Registered Details scheme allows UK building control officers to approve a project without a long and detailed investigation.

For architects and developers, Automist® allows the modern, open-plan layouts that clients increasingly expect to comply with Building Regulations. For landlords, Automist can create a safe escape route in an existing open plan house with no impact on rentable space.

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